Partner Benefits:
  • Experienced, Professional approach to
    IT Remarketing and Disposal.  

  • Environmentally responsible disposal
    and recycling.  Secure Data Destruction.

  • Timely reporting of equipment audits.

  • Multi-platform capabilities
    (PC, Midrange, POS, Video etc.)

  • Quality alternatives to New Equipment
    and upgrades to existing installed base.
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Our Business:  
IT Remarketing:    Northern Technical Group LLC is a remarketing partner to many of
today's largest I.T. Leasing Companies and Computer Refurbishing Centers.  With
relationships, some lasting over decades, we focus on providing winning solutions for the
Dealer and Wholesale Computer aftermarket.
Lease Return Management:  With experience managing over $1 BILLION dollars of leased
assets, our management team is ready to assist with an organized, secure and efficient
process to assist with the retirement and return of leased IT Assets
"Integrity is one of
several paths.  It
distinguishes itself from
the others because it is
the right path and the
only one upon which you
will never get lost."
- M.H. McKee
"Environmentally Responsible"
Northern Technical Group LLC can
turn your unused I.T. Assets into cash
Corporate Asset Recovery
Northern Technical Group LLC buys and sells used technology
equipment. Our staff has over 35 years of experience dealing in
the used computer marketplace. We also supply bulk sales and
lot sales to many export accounts.  Fast shipping, strong
customer service and quality products are what we do.
Contact us for:
Barcode Scanner Repair
LCD Monitor Repair
Secure Data Destruction
  • Flexibility to Customize programs to
    meet your budget and security

  • Let us assist in developing and
    documenting your Technology
    Retirement program.  Benefit from
    policies and procedures we have
    developed over time.

  • Focused approach.  NTG is not the
    right solution for every account.  We
    make it our business to be the BEST
    solution for those accounts where
    our services and products excel.
Equipment Availability:
  • Regular availability of high quality,
    professionally refurbished and packaged
    IT equipment

  • Highly rated customer satisfaction

  • Contract purchasing for ongoing supply

Ask about our
Who is watching your
hazardous waste?
Secure Equipment Disposal
and Data Destruction