Common Condition Descriptions:

New - Packaged as new, sealed in box from MFG

New Open Box - New product in an opened box that
can no longer be sold in a retail environment as
"new".  Typically sale returns.

Bulk - Components de-installed from New or Used
systems such as drives or memory.  Packaged in
quantity format similar to the way an OEM would
purchase large volumes.  Not retail packaged.  

New Bulk - Same as bulk but typically purchase
directly in volume from the manufacturer.

Demo - New product that has been in use at a
customer for a short period of time.  

Refurbished - Tested/Working product, complete
units, may be cleaned based on technology level
and transaction type.  Usually, a 30 day warranty
applies.  Please confirm with your order.

Tested/Working -  Same as Refurbished but not
cleaned and may have non-standard configurations.
Usually this has recently been de-installed from a
Corporate lease.

Working Non-standard - Units that are working but
missing items to make them complete such as
drive bay covers, floppy drive ...or... units that are
working, but have minor case damage, minor
screen scratch etc.  No warranty.

Untested - Units have limited condition or
configuration information.  NTG sells a small
volume of equipment that may require additional
test equipment beyond our technical specialties.  
The items are sold to qualified repair and service
professionals with the intention that the item can be
repaired or a part can be salvaged.  Any non-usable
items returned to NTG will be recycled at no
additional charge.
Northern Technical Group LLC
Windows Software Statement
Northern Technical Group LLC will not
install Windows or other software
without the customer providing original
licenses and media showing legal
ownership and right of use.

Our audits may provide information
regarding the presence of a COA
(Certificate of Authenticity) for
reference only.  NTG does not imply that
a COA satisfies Microsoft's software
licensing requirements.
Typical Equipment Conditions:

Notebooks.....Include floppy, CD, A/C
Adapter, Battery (No warranty on battery
life), No Operating System

Monitor......Include stand, cable, power
cord, no driver disks or audio cables
where applicable unless otherwise

PC's......Include power cord and
keyboard, mice not included unless
noted.  No operating system will be
Ask about having a LEGAL
and LICENSED copy of
Microsoft Windows 7 Home or
Pro (32 or 64bit) installed on
your system