Soapbox Derby Weights
Young Racer....Entreprenuer

With more families getting involved with Soapbox our kids
recognized a need for quality and affordable racing weights.  In
2003 we helped them start this business to teach the same quality,
responsibility and hard working ethics that our children get from this
type racing.  Thanks for your support.

Many of you will recognize our  Super Stocks at local rallies.
"Integrity is one of
several paths.  It
distinguishes itself from
the others because it is
the right path and the
only one upon which you
will never get lost."
- M.H. McKee
Understand that this is run by kids for
fun.  Use these weights at your own
risk.  We bear no liability regarding
usage, injury, or legality within All
American rules or NDR Rules.....we just
have to say it to avoid hassles !!

7-day return policy
(you pay freight back to us)

15% restocking fee for exchanges for
different weights
Northern Technical Group LLC has no ownership in this
business.  Its web site hosts for
convenience only.  No legal relationships implied.

Yes, "" has
many drivers taking our weights to
Nationals again this year !!
After 15yrs of selling weights to the SOAPBOX
Community we have decided to shut things down while
we focus on other interests.

We are grateful for the overwhelming support our loyal
customers have displayed over the years.  We intended
this business to be a learning tool for our children and it
became much more.

Derby has always been about family and enriched ours with good friends and
great memories.

We shipped over 7 tons of steel in
little (heavy) boxes...thanks!
Get Out and Race !!